Does Angels Stadium Have The Most Hitter-Friendly Dimensions?

Although Angels Stadium of Anaheim is widely regarded as one of the more pitcher-friendly parks in the game, some statistics suggest that maybe it should be just the opposite.


Miguel Cabrera Moving Back To 1st Base in 2014

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski admitted today that Miguel Cabrera will be moving back to first base in 2014.


Miggy’s Future Is Looking Bright And Healthy

Miguel Cabrera is right on track with rehab and expects to be at full strength for spring training.


Miguel Cabrera To Undergo Surgery Tomorrow To Repair Groin

Miguel Cabrera will undergo surgery tomorrow after playing through pain down the stretch.


Do Verlander/Cabrera Now Make Tigers World Series Favorites?

Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera's Game 5 performances make them more of a threat to win it all.


Tigers Should Have Rested Cabrera More Before Postseason

Resting Miguel Cabrera more down the stretch could have benefited the Tigers a little more.


Leyland: Cabrera ‘Playing In A Lot Of Pain’

That sweet swing is still there. No matter how banged up Miguel Cabrera has been, he’s always a threat to hit the ball where nobody can catch it. It’s the rest of his duties that have looked more and


Tuck: 2013 MLB Awards

My votes for rookie of the year stay in the state of Florida with Jose Fernandez and Wil Myers.


Different Ways To Vote For Miguel Cabrera And Future MVPs

Sometimes the MVP voting shouldn't solely rely on stats, but with contributions to the team.


Miguel Cabrera Ejected In First, Jim Leyland Follows

For the second time in the last six weeks, Miguel Cabrera got tossed mid at-bat Monday, this time getting ejected by Brian Gorman in the first inning for arguing that he was hit by a pitch. Cabrera took a