The Pressure On Kentucky Could Be Wisconsin’s Window

Shelby Mast Talks Pressure On Kentucky And What The Means For Wisconsin Shelby Mast of USA Today was on The Front Office today to preview both Final Four match ups and talk about the pressure Kentucky has on their

Coach K

2015 Final Four: Weighing Out Duke’s Odds

Jeff Fischel Talks Duke’s Chances Of Beating Michigan State In The Final Four ACC Digital Network’s Jeff Fischel joined Tom Veit on The Front Office to talk about Duke’s chances of nabbing the Final Four win and the National


Remembering The Greatest Upset In NCAA Tournament History

Sam Gardner On His Retelling Of The 1985 Villanova Team That Pulled Off The Greatest Upset Ever Sam Gardner of FOX Sports joined Mike and Jerry to talk about his anniversary piece retelling the 1985 Villanova team’s historic upset

Jordan Cornette

Brent Beaird Makes His National Championship Predictions

Brent Beaird On The Final Four, ACC/SEC Basektball & FSU Pro Day Brent Beaird of College Sports Notebook joined Mike and Jerry today to talk about ACC and SEC news with a team from each in this weekend’s Final

Disney Bracket- The Power Hour

Why The Ultimate Disney Bracket is Better Than Basketball

We’ve all experienced it. We get so excited at the start of March Madness and feel like this is the year that our bracket will be the best. Then, it’s busted. Now, there’s a new bracket in town and


Michigan State: Can The 7 Take Out The 1?

Joe Rexrode On What Michigan State Has To Do To Beat Duke Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press joined Tom Veit today to talk about Michigan State taking on Duke in the Final Four Saturday. Michigan State and


ACC Basketball: Continued Dominance In The NCAA Tournament

Jeff Fischel On ACC Basketball And What This Year’s Tournament Means For Next Year’s Recruiting Jeff Fischel of ACC Digital Network was with Tom Veit today to talk about the ACC basketball’s continued dominance in the NCAA Tournament. Let’s

Steve Lavin

St. John’s & Head Basketball Coach Steve Lavin Part Ways

Steve Lavin Will Not Be Returning As Head Coach Of The St. John’s Men’s Basketball Team St. John’s has split with basketball coach Steve Lavin after five seasons. The school announced Friday it has “mutually agreed to part ways”

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen: Storied Coaching Match Ups Throughout

Shelby Mast On The Incredible Group Of Coaches In This Year’s Sweet Sixteen Shelby Mast of USA Today joined Tom Veit today to talk about March Madness, the Sweet Sixteen and the coaching match ups to look forward to.


Brent Beaird Talks SEC Scheduling Changes Going Forward

Brent Beaird On The SEC And Power 5 Conferences Changing Scheduling Guidelines Brent Beaird joined Tuck and O’Neill today to talk SEC basketball in the NCAA Tournament and guideline changes for SEC scheduling. The SEC with an interesting change