Lakers Chris Kaman Buys a Cow; Yes a COW

Now Lakers big men Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre have gone the whole cow.


Kareem Believes Kobe will be a Different Kobe

It’s one of the major story lines of this season: When will Kobe Bryant be back on the court for the Lakers?


Michael Jordon Picks Kobe Over Lebron, Again

In an interview with 2K Sports for today's release of NBA 2K14, Jordan weighed in on a long list of players, past and present and whether they could take his Airness one-on-one. LeBron came up.


Kobe Bryant Wants Derek Fisher to Be a Laker

This is why you don’t let current players act as your GM.


Chances Kobe Bryant Takes a Pay Cut

Kobe Bryant could walk away from the Lakers as a free agent next summer.