Adam Silver

Adam Silver Concerned About Delay

At this point, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is confident the Los Angeles Clippers will be sold to former Microsoft


Shelly Sterling’s Attorney Heading To Court

The Los Angeles Clippers owners saga continues Wednesday morning when Shelly Sterling's attorneys


Donald Sterling Still Planning To Sue NBA

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling still plans to sue the NBA

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling OK’s Clippers Sale

Donald Sterling had settled with wife Shelly regarding the sale and that the NBA agreed to not sue

Donald Sterling

Dare We Say The Wicked Wretch Is Finally Gone?

Is it finally safe to continue our lives? Are we finished with the daily swarm of Donald Sterling madness that jerked our minds in directions not thought possible, even through decades of sporting scandals? Can we at last sing


Donald Sterling “Okay” With Impending Sale

In an interview with NBC Los Angeles Tuesday night, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling said he is "okay"

V. Stiviano

Reports: V. Stiviano Mugged In New York City

V. Stiviano, the woman who recorded former Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist remarks, was mugged


How Much Is Too Much For A Sports Franchise?

Donald Sterling may be “mentally incapacitated,’’ but in a way, we too are sick puppies. We devote an uncomfortable, disproportionate amount of attention to sports in this country, to the point a long-bedraggled basketball franchise in Los Angeles can

Donald Sterling (racist)

Donald Sterling Ruled Mentally Unstable

The Sterling Family Trust owns the team, Donald and his wife Shelly each getting 50% share.

Shelly Sterling

Sterling: Former Microsoft CEO To Buy Clippers

The Sterling-Clippers saga may be coming to an end.