Clippers’ Griffin Calls Warriors “Cowardly”

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin said the Golden State Warriors played "cowardly basketball"


Sex, Drugs and NBA Havoc: This is Christmas?

In the spirit of a sacred day, we went to a movie matinee in L.A. There, we watched Leo DiCaprio spend three hours devouring a non-stop holiday feast of cocaine, Quaaludes and hookers before his ass was thrown in

Le Bron James looks forward to a Christmas Day game with the Lakers in LA.

NBA ready for a very Merry Christmas Day

Since the NBA became a league in 1946 they have been the only professional sports league in North America to play an annual Christmas Day game. This year will be no exception as basketball fans will have plenty of games


Clippers’ Matt Barnes Fined $25,000

The NBA has fined Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes $25,000 for failing to leave the court in


Doc Rivers And Clippers Get Win In Return To Boston

Doc Rivers who led the Celtics to the 2008 NBA title returned for the first time with the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night and beat Boston 96-88.


Lamar Odom Pleads No Contest To DUI

Lamar Odom reached a plea agreement in his DUI case, receiving three years of probation and agreeing to attend a three-month alcohol-education program.


Clippers Interested In Stephen Jackson

The Los Angeles Clippers are strongly considering the signing of former San Antonio Spurs

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Has His Elbow Drained

Blake Griffin had his elbow drained Sunday night to solve an ongoing issue.

chris wilcox

Chris Wilcox To Become Lamar Odom’s Backup

Chris Wilcox allegedly is the Clippers' backup choice to replace Lamar Odom.


Chris Paul Looks to Break Magic Johnson’s Record

Anytime you equal a Magic Johnson basketball record, you’re doing something right.