Lou Spry

NCAA Agrees To Settlement in Concussion Lawsuit

The NCAA has agreed to settle a class-action head injury lawsuit.


Baseball Fan Caught Snoozing Seeks $10 Million in Lawsuit

MLB News: Sleeping Fan Seeks $10 Million By now you have probably seen the video of a New York Yankees fan sleeping during a nationally televised game in April against the Red Sox. During the ESPN telecast, broadcasters John


Lawsuit Filed Against NHL Regarding Head Trauma

Another lawsuit in the sports world today.


Lenny Dykstra Sues LA County, Alleging That He Was Assaulted

Former Met Lenny Dykstra has reported that he was assaulted by deputies in LA County.


Latest on A-Rod: He Won’t Pay His Lawyers

Guess what, more negative news on A-rod.


MLB Sued For ‘Unfair Conditions’ To Minor Leaguers

Three minor league players have sued MLB for 'unfair labor practices'.


Tuck: Football Players Know The Risk

Players like Clinton Portis knew what was at stake when they played. Now they want more for their injuries.