Cleveland is the Favorite to Win it All in 2016

Vegas Thinks Cleveland Will Bounce Back The Cavs may have lost this year’s NBA Championship but that is not stopping the odds makers in Las Vegas from picking the Cleveland Cavaliers as the favorites to win a title next

NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoff Predictions: Conference Semifinals

Who has the Edge in the NBA Playoffs? It is now down to eight teams in the NBA Playoffs as the Conference Semifinals are about to begin. In the East we have the number one seeded Atlanta Hawks taking

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling Will Drop Lawsuit Against NBA

Even though Donald Sterling was out for blood when the NBA decided to sell his Los Angeles Clippers out from under him, he has now decided not to fight the sale of the team and he will drop the

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling Attends African-American Church Service

Donald Sterling did something a little out of the ordinary this weekend. According to NESN, Sterling was seen at a predominantly African-American church on Sunday. Reports say that Sterling was personally invited to attend the service by the pastor,

Donald Sterling

Sterling to sue the NBA for a billion dollars

Just when you thought the Los Angeles Clippers saga could not get any more dramatic Donald Sterling once again flipped the script. Yesterday, afternoon as most of LA and the NBA were celebrating the proposed sale of the team

LA Clippers

NBA Releases Statement on LA Clippers Sale

The following statement has been issued by Mike Bass, Executive Vice President, Communications, regarding the proposed sale of the Los Angeles Clippers: “Commissioner Silver has consistently said the preferred outcome to the Clippers proceeding would be a voluntary sale

Steve Ballmer

What Does Clippers Sale Mean for the NFL?

The Los Angeles Clippers sold for a whopping $2 billion and that is more than enough cha-ching to make NFL owners ecstatic. It was former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who purchased the NBA franchise from Donald Sterling. Don’t worry, it’s

LA Clippers

LA Clippers Ownership Ad on Craigslist

These days, you can find almost anything on Craigslist. From wigs and battery-powered forks, to corporate jobs and condos for rent. Now, you can even find the LA Clippers ownership position. A Clippers fan create an ad on Craigslist for

Donald Sterling

The Slippery Slope of NBA Ownership

Leaked Racist Tapes, Sexual Harassment, Deception The National Basketball Association’s quest to strip Los Angeles Clippers franchise owner Donald Sterling continues and with that there is a maddening lack of inquisitiveness from the sports media community. There are questions

Donald Sterling

NBA Charges Sterling, Moves Forward with Termination

The NBA has formally charged Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It was reported that he has been charged with engaging in conduct that “damaged and continues to damage the NBA and its teams.” This starts the process of the team’s ownership being terminated by