Julius Thomas Fined For Illegal Chop Block

NFL News: Thomas Will Have To Pay Broncos tight end Julius Thomas received a $8,268 fine for putting an illegal chop block on Calais Campbell, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. At the snap, Campbell was rushing on the


Why You Should Draft A Tight End Early In Your Draft

FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT TIPS: TIGHT ENDS Tight ends are very thin this season in fantasy football and it is important you draft an elite one early in your leagues draft. FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS: The 36 Best Tight Ends In


Mother Of Broncos’ Thomas Made Him Wait To Play Football

Tyler Geving, the basketball coach at Portland State, used to chuckle when the backup power forward would talk about playing football once his eligibility on the hardwood was exhausted. Geving viewed it as more of the bravado he’d come