Audio: Jon Cooper, “Sometimes You Lay A Rotten Egg”

"Sometimes you lay a rotten egg. If you're going to do that you hope the whole team does it together."


Jon Cooper Says Team Needed To “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Tampa Bay Lightning coach says his guys worked hard in their loss to the Rangers but they needed to work smarter not harder.


Audio: Jon Cooper, “You Have To Find A Way To Win The Third Period”

Tampa Bay Lightning Coach Jon Cooper discusses the importance of winning the third period.


Audio: Bolts Coach Jon Cooper “Sucks Losing Shootout”

Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper wanted to win the shootout versus the Montreal Canadiens Saturday night and after the game blunty said, “It Sucks Losing The Shootout.”


Lightning Coach Jon Cooper Talks About Shootout Loss To Canadiens

Tampa Bay Lighting coach Jon Cooper thought the goalies were going to have a harder time knocking the rust off than the skaters “shows what I know” he said after the game.


Radko Gudas Has A Rocket For A Shot

Jon Cooper said that Gudas has a rocket for a shot and that he gets power play time in order to find ways to utilize his shot.


Lightning Need To “Stick With The Program”

"whether you're up or behind you have to stick with the program...and they've been doing that." - Jon Cooper


Cooper Calls Matt Carle The “Silent Assassin”

Matt Carle The “Silent Assassin” Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper was asked about Matt Carle‘s recent play and suggested that earlier this season he may have been pressing because he had a letter on his sweater. Later he


Cooper On His Offense & Canes Goalie Justin Peters

After the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday evening Lightning coach Jon Cooper spoke about his teams offense, specifically firing off 50 shots, and gives credit to Carolina goalie Justin Peters.


Just One Of Those Days, Lightning Fall To Penguins 3-0

It was just one of those games "It was a good hockey game, the only thing bad about the game is that we lost" said Lightning coach Jon Cooper afterwards.