Broncos’ Coach Fox Says Team will Adjust to Any Type of Weather

On using pads during practice: “I think at the end of the day, that’s why you play the game. I think our guys have reacted to it pretty well. They expect it. We have a couple of routines that


Denver Coach Fox Speaks to Media

Opening statement: “Good evening everybody. I’m John Fox, head coach of the Denver Broncos. I just wanted to say it’s a pleasure and honor to be here in Jersey City. It’s great to be back in New Jersey. Any

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady the two best quarterbacks of their generation

NFL: AFC Championship Preview

It's Brady vs. Manning again in an epic playoff matchup. Who leaves the other in their wake on the way to the Super Bowl?


Tuck: Kyle Orton Returns to Denver For Revenge

Tim Tebow vs. Kyle Orton in a final showdown. What a twist to the story, that could actually feature even a crazier than imagined ending.