Football Insiders: Johnny Football Lays an Egg

On the latest ‘Football Insiders’ show, Eric Lopez and Jeff Sharon covered a range of topics on and off the gridiron, including: Is the Johnny Football experiment already over in Cleveland after his catastrophic first start? Which NFL teams need

Marcus Mariota

Top 5 Throws of the Regular College Football Season

We’ve all seen them. We’ve seen the crazy plays that secure the win, the touchdown pass that makes announcers go nuts. But out of all the historical throws made this year, which ones are the best? Here’s a look

NFL Draft

Who’s Declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft?

The 2015 NFL Draft will be here before we know it and some college football stars have already announced their intentions to apply for the draft. Here’s what you need to know about who’s already announced their plans, who

Jameis Winston

Heisman Finalists: Why Did Winston Get Snubbed?

Heisman Trophy Candidates: Fewer But Stronger This year’s Heisman trophy finalists have been announced and there is one name missing from that list. Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy last year but why is he not

Jameis Winston FSU

Jameis Winston Statement: Rape is Vicious and So is Falsely Accusing Someone

During Jameis Winston’s Student Code of Conduct hearing, Winston gave a lengthy statement to help prove his innocence. Media outlets have obtained his statement, in full, and it is considered NSFW. According to USA Today, Winston’s statement is graphic

Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier

How Does the Leslie Frazier Bucs Defense Compare to 2013?

NFL NEWS: Leslie Frazier Let’s see how Leslie Frazier’s Bucs defense measures to the 2013 defense Bill Sheridan ran. Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has seen recent improvement in 3rd down defense and fewer total yds allowed —

Jimbo Fisher

CFB Playoff: There’s No Conspiracy, It’s Rigged

Before you start throwing your spears and stones, hear me out on this. I’m about to make a bold statement. Ready? The College Football Playoff is rigged. Just sit back and let me explain. Florida State is undefeated. They’ve

Jameis Winston FSU

Will Lack of Testimony From Players Affect Winston’s Hearing?

Day two of the Jameis Winston hearing has begun Wednesday morning and both sides are hopeful all of this will end quickly. But how quickly can we expect a decision? Well, there may be a little bump in the


Senate Meets to Discuss Domestic Violence in Sports

League Representatives Talk Detering Domestic Violence   Domestic violence rumors and scandals have rocked the world of sports. These cases leave all the nation to watch and critique leagues’ management of the situations. From Ray Rice to Jameis Winston, domestic violence

Jameis Winston

Winston’s Accuser’s Lawyer Sends Threatening Message Before Hearing

The Jameis Winston hearing is taking place Tuesday on Florida State’s campus and the lawyer of the woman who is accusing Winston, has sent a threatening message to him. According to WCTV, the woman’s lawyer has issued the following