Olympics Size Problems Around the World

  The Olympics have gotten too costly to stage as the International Olympic Committee is finding out. There are problems in South America, Asia and North America and the Olympic sized difficulties are just not going away anytime soon


Budapest to Join 2024 Olympics Race

The International Olympic Committee may have had a hard time finding a 2022 Winter Olympic venue with just two bidders still


Is Boston Getting Cold Feet To Host Olympics?

Boston will be getting a 2024 Summer Olympics challenger this weekend but the biggest obstacle in Boston’s way in obtaining the right to hold the Games from the International Olympic Committee may be the people of Boston. It seems

Giorgio Chiellini

Chiellini: Luis Suarez’s Ban For Biting Me ‘Excessive’

Giorgio Chiellini believes Luis Suarez has been harshly punished by FIFA for biting his shoulder during their

Giorgio Chiellini

Photo: Giorgio Chiellini Trolls Luis Suarez

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez‘s bite on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini has no doubt been the biggest headline in the 2014 World Cup. Someone asked Chiellini for a picture, and from the looks of it, it’s either a hotel or


Luis Suarez Past Could Play Role In Case

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is being investigated by FIFA for allegedly biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini when the two

luis suarez

Gamblers Bet On Luis Suarez’s Bite

It looks like before the Italy, Uruguay game yesterday people bet on if Uruguay forward Luis Suarez

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Amid Luis Suarez Bite Controversy, Uruguay Advances to Round of 16

Following Uruguay’s 1-0 victory against Italy in the group stages, that saw the South American side advance to the round of 16, the focus was more on the controversial third entry into the famous Luis Suarez biting series. But

Luis Suarez

FIFA To Investigate Luis Suarez Biting Incident

FIFA announced Tuesday it will look into the biting incident of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder

Cesare Prendelli

Italy Coach to Resign Following World Cup Elimination

Italy has officially been eliminated from the World Cup, after their loss to Uruguay Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, Italy’s coach now plans to step down from his duties. BREAKING: Italy coach Cesare Prandelli says he is resigning