2013 NBA Player Rankings 6-10

The Houston Rockets have two players that cracked my top-10. Watch out for the duo of James Harden and Dwight Howard.


Dwight Howard’s Stellar Start fot Rockets

For at least one night, Dwight Howard could say the move was justified. He can say he made the right call and back it up.


Can Anyone Challenge The Heat In The East?

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.com talks about the Heat, Nets, Magic and more


James Harden Voted Best Shooting Gaurd

It's been a very long time since Kobe Bryant wasn't consistently in the discussion for best player in the NBA, let alone being considered the top shooting guard in the league.


Tuck: Magic And Howard Both Wrong About #12

Dwight Howard again comes off looking bad, but he isn't the only one who made a poor decision.


Dwight Howard Might Start Shooting With Eyes Closed

Dwight Howard’s struggles at the free throw line are well known. Turns out the problem may be his eyes — and the fact he’s using them. Howard challenged Houston Rockets teammate and 84.2 percent free throw shooter James Harden


Dwight Howard Says He Never Waffled On Houston

HOUSTON – Everywhere you turn in Houston, there’s no mistaking the fact that Dwight Howard has officially arrived. His Godzilla-sized likeness is plastered on a four-story tall poster just outside the Toyota Center that reads “Legacy of Bigs,” with


McHale Wants Howard to Use Speed

McHale gets into his plans — he wants to use Howard’s speed (which is exceptional for a big man) and improve his balance.


Kevin McHale Has No Interest In Omer Asik’s Feelings About Howard

Kevin McHale spent plenty of time detailing his plans on how he’ll coach the Rockets now that Dwight Howard is in place for the upcoming season. He’s going to try to maintain the team’s identity by pushing the tempo,


Hakeem Olajuwon Thinks The Duo Of Howard and Lin Is Deadly

Hakeem Olajuwon raved about Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin, claiming that the Houston Rockets duo is “very deadly.” Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin will be “very deadly” as teammates in Houston, Hakeem Olajuwon said. Olajuwon, a Hall of Fame