Heisman Trophy

A Heisman for Jameis Winston is on hold

A survey of Heisman trophy voters who work for USA TODAY Sports indicates the investigation into Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not affect his candidacy for the award – yet. Winston is considered the front-runner for the award,

Will Muschamp picture.

FSU success means pressure for Gators Muschamp

Talking yesterday to a “Bull Gator,” one of their big money alumni group, there was a great deal of Seminole envy. FSU is No. 2 in the all important BCS Poll and No. 3 in both the USA Today


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What will happen to Manti Te'o now?

Tuck: Irish Lucky or Good?

Manti Te'o has the Irish playing for a BCS Title, and some folks don't necessarily think they should be.


Tuck: 4-Team Playoff Still Leaves Debate

Would the Gators be playing for a playoff berth this weekend?

Stanford v USC

Tuck: The Headless Heisman Trophy Race

Good Luck picking a winner this season. I am bored just thinking about it.