Colorado Inmate Sues NFL For $88 Billion

A jailed Colorado man is suing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Dean Blandino and Gene Steratore, alleging "negligence, breach of fiduciary duty

lombardi trophy

Top 5 Catches in Super Bowl History

Historic Snags in Super Bowl History Since 1906, the forward pass has been an essential part of football. Some of the most exciting plays in Super Bowl history have been the result of deep passes down the field. In


Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Appreciate Refs Deflating Balls

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he’s seen NFL refs taking air out of game balls and he doesn’t like it one bit. Per Rob Demovsky of, Rodgers thinks that there should be a minimum air pressure and there


Aaron Rodgers’ Calf Not Ready For The Pro Bowl

The Packers QB Says His Calf Should Be Good Within 6 Weeks Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says his injured left calf should heal within six weeks now that Green Bay is out of the playoffs. Rodgers said on his


Coaching Not To Lose Blew Up In The Packers Face

Josh Alper Of NBC Sports Talking Packers Questionable Coaching Decisions Josh Alper of NBC Sports writes for Pro Football Talk and he’s with Mike and Jerry to give his take on the Packers questionable coaching calls and the Patriots

Packers fan hysterical over loss to Seahawks

Six-Year-Old Packers Fan Hysterical Over Loss (And Michael Bennett Got a Bike)

A 6-year-old Packers fan turns hysterical over losing to the Seahawks Sunday. Things only escalated when he saw Michael Bennett got a bicycle out of it


Seattle Win Or Green Bay Loss In The NFC Title?

Tom Veit On Green Bay’s Choke Against Seattle In The NFC Title Game Tom Veit is giving his take on the Green Bay Packers choke job and what could’ve gone better and/or differently in the case of their big


Green Bay Grated While The Seahawks Take The Cheese

What Could Green Bay Have Done Differently? The Whole 4th Quarter Listen to what Mike and Jerry have to say about the Packers mistake-ridden loss to the Seahawks yesterday in what could’ve been another Super Bowl appearance for Aaron


Why Mike McCarthy’s Play-Calling Doomed The Packers

NFL: MIKE MCCARTHY COST THE PACKERS A TRIP TO SUPER BOWL As much as Mike McCarthy does not want to shoulder the blame for the Green Bay Packers’ epic collapse against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game,


Packers Loss A Culmination Of Missed Opportunities

The Green Bay Packers loss to Seattle stings, but there are many reasons why they lost including Mike McCarthy's decision-making.