Michael Wacha

Wacha’s Value Soars With Postseason Performance

TIM MCCULLOUGH, ASSISTANT EDITOR Sadly, the Fantasy Baseball season came to a close several weeks ago (postseason daily games being the exception). Now that the final contenders for participation in our game’s annual World Series competition have been determined,

David Price

Price’s Velocity Deteriorating, Though Pitching Remains Effective

Despite fallen velocity and strikeout ratio, David Price remains one of the top pitchers going into '14.

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Fantasy Baseball: Matt Moore Returns To Become The Stopper

The month of September can be a trying time for Fantasy owners. With rosters expanding to 40 players more of our Fantasy starters could sit, especially those on teams that are either out of the playoffs or on teams


It’s Time To Win Your Fantasy Baseball Championship… Here’s How

Owning B.J. Upton, Starlin Castro, Paul Konerko, Chase Headley, Ike Davis and/or Jimmy Rollins has been like being in an abusive relationship.


Peavy Will Pay Dividends, Callaspo Not So Much

There are a lot of baseball faces in new places today, so for this week’s Scratching the Surface, I thought I’d break down many of these players sabermetrically so we have a decent guess as to how they might