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New Sponsor Could Mean More Changes for Jaguars

Jaguars Unveil New Plans For Club Seats Earlier today the Jacksonville Jaguars announced a new partnership with US Assure as the official naming partner for the Touchdown Clubs at EverBank Field. Starting next season, the premium seats will know


Toilet Bowl 2014: Five Reasons To Watch Titans vs Jaguars

Thursday Amateur Night in Week 16 The horrendous Tennessee Titans (2-12) will take on the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) at EverBank Field tonight on the NFL Network. In what is arguably the worst nationally televised match up in NFL history,


Sneaky Shad: Jaguars Have More Renovations Planned For Everbank Field

Just when we thought that Everbank Field couldn’t possibly get any better than it already is with the world’s largest scoreboards and swimming pools, the Jacksonville Jaguars have kicked things up a notch. According to WOKV-FM Jacksonville, the team


Jaguars start off on the right foot, beat Buccaneers at home

Friday night’s 16 – 10 victory over the Buccaneers was exciting and entertaining while also being disappointing at times for Gus Bradley and hisJaguars. If you watched the first quarter, then you know the mediocre job that Mike Brewster

The Jags might not score lots of points but when they do the fans can see them.

Jags to get largest scoreboards in the world

The Jacksonville Jaguars can’t sell out games at home. They have not won a home game in almost a year, they have been rumored to be moving to either Los Angeles or London. So with a team that can’t