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Is Florida State Still a Favorite in 2015?

Erik Kuselias: Florida State is a QB Away From Being a Favorite Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about who the favorites are going into the 2015 college football season, according to odds makers. Where does Florida State stack up


A New Look for UCF Football in 2015

Erik Kuselias: UCF With Many Changes in Coaching Staff Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about all the changes going on with UCF Football on the coaching staff. “I think this will be good thing for UCF.” says Kuselias


Dez Bryant Play Brings Back Bad Memories for Buccaneers Fans

Erik Kuselias: Buccaneers Know How the Cowboys Feel Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about what Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans must have thought when they watched the Dez Bryant play unfold against the Green Bay Packers. Kuselias talks about how


Buccaneers or Jaguars Could Be on Hard Knocks Next Season

Erik Kuselias: Buccaneers or Jaguars Would be Fun to Watch Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about the possibility of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Jacksonville Jaguars being the team chosen to be on the NFL’s TV Show “Hard

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Is Jameis Winston Staying at Florida State?

Erik Kuselias: Is Winston Actually Considering Coming Back? Erik Kuselias spoke to Eric Lopez about reports of Jameis Winston considering coming back for his junior season at Florida State. Kuselias breaks down why Winston may actually decide to come back

Jameis Winston

What is Next for Jameis Winston?

Erik Kuselias: NFL Likely Next for Jameis Winston Erik Kuselias spoke to Eric Lopez about what is next for Jameis Winston. He says Winston is more than likely headed to the NFL. Kuselias responds to NolesDigest.com’s Jason Staples’ comments he

Cam Newton

What Can Buccaneers Learn From the NFL Playoffs?

Erik Kuselias: Bucs Need to Take Notes on NFC Playoffs Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about what the Buccaneers can learn from the final four teams in the NFL playoffs, in the NFC. “The Bucs need to draft


It’s Clear Who Buccaneers Should Take in NFL Draft

Erik Kuselias: Lovie Smith Should Take Marcus Mariota Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez about who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should take in the 2015 NFL Draft now that the Rose Bowl is over. Kuselias says that Head Coach Lovie


What Went Wrong for the Seminoles?

Erik Kuselias: It’s Easy to Figure Out Why the Seminoles Lost Erik Kuselias talks to Eric Lopez after the Rose Bowl, saying it is clear why Florida State lost to the Oregon Ducks. Now, Oregon moves on to face Ohio


Can Lovie Smith Pick the Right Quarterback for the Bucs?

Erik Kuselias: Pressure on Lovie Smith to Pick Right QB Erik Kuselias’ Executive Producer Rob “Stats” Guerrera talks to Eric Lopez about the pressure on Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith to make the right decision this offseason