Rays Desmond Jennings Shows Off Skills For Manning Brothers

Manning Brothers Witness Desmond Jennings Fantastic Grab With Both Peyton Manning & Eli Manning in attendance former Alabama football star Desmond Jennings showed off his receiving skills with an outstanding over the shoulder catch robbing Alfonso Soriano of extra


Do The Giants Have Concerns That Manning Is In Decline?

Giants quarterback Eli Manning had ankle surgery last week to repair an injury he suffered in the final game of a miserable 2013 season, but there’s no sign of concern that he’ll be ready to go for training camp


Eli Manning Will Undergo Ankle Surgery

Eli Manning will have surgery on his ankle this offseason.


Eli Manning Needs Ankle Surgery

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning injured his left ankle last season but now, he will have arthroscopic surgery to repair it. Manning told that surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson is performing the procedure and he told him that he “should be running in

Eli Manning

Eli Manning: I Can’t Remember Why I Didn’t Want To Be A Charger

In the 2004 NFL draft, the Chargers selected Eli Manning first overall. Manning was a Charger for an awkward half-hour during which he reiterated what he had said before the draft — that he wouldn’t play for the Chargers


Archie Speaks About Peyton And Eli

Archie Manning to talk about how his sons are dealing with their radically different season starts

Eli Manning

Eli Manning: ‘I Don’t Think I’m Playing Lousy’

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning responded Monday to 24 hours’ worth of criticism that began with his own head coach’s comments in the wake of the Giants’ 36-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. A day after


Eli Still Struggling

The Giants fell to 0-5 on Sunday by following what’s quickly become a familiar script for them this season.


Who will win Manning Bowl III?

Manning Bowl III doesn't make Peyton or Eli -- or parents Archie and Olivia -- very comfortable.


Mannings Have Become Our Comic Relief

Mariotti Show - They really are American treasures. By day, they win Super Bowls, advance the quarterbacking craft and lead multi-billion-dollar organizations with Bayou-drawling, chops-busting, follow-my-example leadership.