Jenna Laine Talks Bucs and NFL on the DB Show

Bucs Insider Jenna Laine talks to David Baumann about the Darrelle Revis-Mark Barron jersey situation and more

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DB Online: A Lesson On Words In Sports

Today after the show, David discusses words that are constantly used in sports and their context. When is it really appropriate to say “pivotal” and “great”? Take a look and see as David Baumann and Eric Lopez shares a


Jenna Laine Talks Bucs Minicamp on the DB Show

Bucs Insider Jenna Laine joins David Baumann for an update from Bucs minicamp

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Jenna Laine Talks NFL on the DB Show 6-4-13

Jenna Laine discusses how Cody Grimm's arrest affects his chances of making the team and what led to Steve Smith's retirement