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DB Online : Dwight Howard Rant

On Friday, Dwight Howard decided to sign publicly with the Houston Rockets. This free agent move sent the sports world into a frenzy along with David Baumann. Watch and see as David Baumann and Eric Lopez rant about Dwight

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DB Online : Public NBA Summer League

As we get closer to the beginning of the NBA summer league, more people begin to question why it is not open to the public. David Baumann and Eric Lopez explore reasons for summer league being closed to the

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DB Online : American Athletic Conference Blog

ESPN online currently terminated their American Athletic Conference blog, causing University of Central Florida students to react. Does the conference deserve attention from ESPN? Or do they have to earn it? Eric Lopez has his own opinion on the


Jenna Laine on the DB Show 07-02-13

Bucs Insider Jenna Laine joined the DB Show to talk Greg Schiano, Josh Freeman, Darrelle Revis, player arrests, and more

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DB Online : American Athletic Conference 2013 Preview

American Athletic Conference 2013 Preview

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DB Online : Orlando Magic 2013 Draft Picks

This week was huge for the Orlando Magic when they picked Victor Oladipo and Romero Osby in the 2013 draft. In this edition of DB Online, David speaks his mind about the two players and what they have to

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DB Online : No More A-Rod Please

Once the news broke that Alex Rodriguez was cleared to play baseball, David Baumann responses furiously. Just like the New York Yankees, David doesn’t want A-Rod back either. Watch and see the full story in today’s video. [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPnXp2IntE0&feature=youtu.be”

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Jenna Laine on the DB Show 6-25

Jenna Laine discusses the Sapp-Strahan saga, Gerald McCoy, and the NFL Rookie Symposium

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DB Online : Jaguars Going To England?

In this edition of DB online, David explores the possibility of the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to England. Could the NFL franchise move over seas? Or is this just a impractical idea? Watch and see as David Baumann and Eric

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DB Online : NBA Game Seven In Four Minutes

After last nights game seven of the NBA finals, David decided to challenge himself by recapping the game in four minutes. A happy Eric Lopez also chimed in about his favorite team, the Miami Heat, winning the NBA Championship.