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DB Online : Dave Matthews Band

As the Dave Matthews Band heads off to Tampa, the more excited David Baumann becomes. Being a life long fan, David will be attending tonights concert but before he goes he speaks talks a little about the band. For

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DB Online : Baseball Madness

This week great events are happening in baseball, the MLB All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby. Since these events are back to back, many people decide to compare them. Which one is better? Find out David Baumann’s opinion

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DB Online : Orlando Summer League Rap-Up

Once Orlando Summer league ended, David Baumann and Eric Lopez investigate which players are going to make it into the NBA. Along with that, the duo talk more on Victor Oladipo and his role on the Orlando Magic. Watch

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DB Online : One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the David Baumann show. Both the host and producer share some of their favorite moments from the last year. David Baumann would also like to thank everyone for making this show possible

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DB Online Exclusive : Courtney Lee & Jeff Green

David Baumann sits down with Boston Celtics’ Courtney Lee and Jeff Green. Lee, a former Orlando Magic guard, and Green were in Orlando to check out the Summer League and meet with Celtics new head coach Brad Stevens. David

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DB Online : Dwight Howard Rant

On Friday, Dwight Howard decided to sign publicly with the Houston Rockets. This free agent move sent the sports world into a frenzy along with David Baumann. Watch and see as David Baumann and Eric Lopez rant about Dwight

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DB Online : Public NBA Summer League

As we get closer to the beginning of the NBA summer league, more people begin to question why it is not open to the public. David Baumann and Eric Lopez explore reasons for summer league being closed to the

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DB Online : American Athletic Conference Blog

ESPN online currently terminated their American Athletic Conference blog, causing University of Central Florida students to react. Does the conference deserve attention from ESPN? Or do they have to earn it? Eric Lopez has his own opinion on the

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DB Online : American Athletic Conference 2013 Preview

American Athletic Conference 2013 Preview

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DB Online : Orlando Magic 2013 Draft Picks

This week was huge for the Orlando Magic when they picked Victor Oladipo and Romero Osby in the 2013 draft. In this edition of DB Online, David speaks his mind about the two players and what they have to