DB Show 2

David Baumann 1 Year Anniversary Show

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, David Baumann celebrated his 1 year anniversary of the show and had on regular guest Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM.com on the program. Why you should listen :  David Baumann talked about the past year

Redick Studio

J.J. Redick on Clippers, Starting Lineup and Free Agency Madness

Today, on the one-year anniversary of The David Baumann Show, J.J. Redick joined the program for a conversation about his new deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. Redick, who just hours earlier had signed a new contract with the

Orlando Pro Summer League

Which Magic Player is Impressing at Summer League?

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, Philip Rossman-Reich of OrlandoMagicDaily.com broke down who is “impressing” at Summer League for the Magic? Why you Should Listen : Philip Rossman-Reich broke down the Orlando Magic Summer League and discussed who has


Does Kobe Bryant Hate Dwight Howard?

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, David Gaulman of the West Orlando News talked to David Baumann about Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers and how much influence the relationship with Kobe Bryant had on that? Why you Should


Should Rays’ Evan Longoria and Matt Moore be All-Stars?

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, SportstalkFlorida.com’s Rays Insider Steve Kinsella  talked about whether the Rays Should have had more than one All-Star. Why you should listen :  Steve Kinsella recaps the Rays sweep of the White Sox,


Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Win Brings Interest to Tennis

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, David Baumann and Eric Lopez discussed the big interest people had in Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. Why you Should Listen : David Baumann and Eric Lopez discussed the impact Andy Murray had at

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DB Online : Dwight Howard Rant

On Friday, Dwight Howard decided to sign publicly with the Houston Rockets. This free agent move sent the sports world into a frenzy along with David Baumann. Watch and see as David Baumann and Eric Lopez rant about Dwight

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DB Online : Public NBA Summer League

As we get closer to the beginning of the NBA summer league, more people begin to question why it is not open to the public. David Baumann and Eric Lopez explore reasons for summer league being closed to the

Jay Laranaga

Celtics Asst. Coach Jay Larranaga on DB Show

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show, Boston Celtics assistant coach and Summer League head coach Jay Larranaga talked about Brad Stevens, who recently was named the new head coach of the Boston Celtics, what Larranaga hopes to accomplish at

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DB Online : American Athletic Conference Blog

ESPN online currently terminated their American Athletic Conference blog, causing University of Central Florida students to react. Does the conference deserve attention from ESPN? Or do they have to earn it? Eric Lopez has his own opinion on the