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NBA Draft Delivers Surprises!

NBA News: Draft Delivers Surprises! If you are with the Cleveland Cavaliers, you should be pretty happy right now with the selection of Andrew Wiggins as the number one pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. You get a player

Dante Exum

NBA Draft Prospect Dante Exum Featured in Funny Ads

The soon-to-be NBA star, Dante Exum, isn’t a famous name just yet, but the NBA Draft prospect is already being featured in Foot Locker commercials. Exum is predicted to be drafted fairly high in the upcoming draft and experts

2014 NBA Draft

2014 NBA Draft Preview: Orlando Magic

NBA NEWS: 2014 NBA Draft On this edition of ELOOnline, Eric Lopez talks to the Orlando Magic writers panel of Mary Stevens, Phillip Rossman-Reich and Adam Papageorgiou about what  the Magic  should do at the NBA Draft. Why you


Tuck: Upside/Downside Comparisons For 2014 NBA Draft

If it all works out, Andrew Wiggins could look a lot like Scottie Pippen. If it doesn't, whose career could it resemble? My top 20 prospects upside/downside scenarios.


Orlando Magic Pre-Draft: Dante Exum

The Orlando Magic hold the number four pick in the upcoming NBA draft, and point guard is where they need to focus their attention.


What Should the Magic Do With Pick Number 4?

Orlando Magic Insider Brian Schmitz stops by the Tuck and O’Neill show to share his thoughts on who the Magic should take with the fourth overall pick in the draft. Why you should listen: Schmitz discusses why the Magic

Joel Embiid

Tuck: 2014 NBA Mock Draft

Size matters. That is why Kansas center Joel Embiid knows he will be #1 to Cleveland.


Tuck: Can The Magic Come Up With A Draft Lottery Miracle?

There is a way the Magic can land both Wiggins and Parker or some other dream combination.

Dante Exum

Dante Exum Interested in Playing with the Magic?

Tuck and O’Neill talked to NBA Writer/analyst Jared Zwerling about many NBA topics including  NBA Draft prospect Dante Exum. Why you should listen: Tuck and O’Neill talked to NBA analyst Jared Zwerling about many NBA Topics including the future of