Countdown to Opening Day: Chicago Cubs

Superstitions collide this year for the team baseball fans have loved to make fun of for decades.  Over 100 years have come and gone and still no more World Series titles for the Chicago Cubs.  The longest drought in


Wrigley Field Should Be Ashamed Of The Cubs

What you don’t know about Chicago if you’ve never lived in Chicago is that Chicago is not a big city. Its skyline may be massive, its metropolitan population ample and its murder rate for adults and kids frightening, but

Pirates vs Cubs

MLB Replay System Used For First Time

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The first use of the new expanded replay system in Major League Baseball came in Pittsburgh during today’s Pirates-Cubs game. Chicago manager Rick Renteria was the first to challenge a play and after review, which took


Clark The Cub Sparks Outrage With Cubs Fans

The Whit-Man breaks it all down. Backwards hat and no pants? Clark could be in for a long season at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field


Giants and Cubs Land Free Agents

Lots of rumors around the Hot Stove; some players are actually inking new deals