Study: Concussions Less Prevalent In Young Players

A new study shows that the youngest football players are less likely to suffer concussions

Vucevic Griffin

Magic’s Nikola Vucevic Suffers Concussion

Orlando Magic’s Nikola Vucevic took a nasty fall after rolling off Blake Griffin’s back and landing on his head and hip during the third quarter against the L.A. Clippers Monday night. He walked off on his own power and


Opt Outs Could Derail Concussion Settlement

If enough retired players choose to “opt out” of the proposed settlement, the settlement will be scuttled.


NHL Has No Comment After NFL Concussion Settlement

The NFL has reached a $765 million settlement, which if approved by a judge, will end months of mediation and a concussion lawsuit. The money will help fund medical exams and research as well as pay former players suffering

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NFL, Players Reach Concussion Deal

The NFL has reached a tentative $765 million settlement over concussion-related brain injuries among its 18,000 retired players, agreeing to compensate victims, pay for medical exams and underwrite research. A federal judge announced the agreement Thursday after months of


Tuck: Football Players Know The Risk

Players like Clinton Portis knew what was at stake when they played. Now they want more for their injuries.