Mark Emmert

NCAA President: “Unionization is Inappropriate”

With the recent efforts by Northwestern football players to form a union, NCAA president Mark Emmert is not happy. According to, Emmert says it’s completely absurd. “To be perfectly frank, the notion of using a union employee model


Texas Pays Almost $300K To Hire Football Coach

The University of Texas takes football very seriously. They also consider the hiring of the right football coach to be a very serious matter. So serious, in fact, that they spent nearly $300,000 to find the right guy. According


The Gator Bowl is No More

After many years, the Gator Bowl is no more. According to WOKV in Jacksonville, the Gator Bowl has a new name. But, that’s not all that’s being changed. They have removed “gator” entirely and it will no longer be played


Northwestern Union Voting Date Set

In just about three weeks, it will be easier to understand exactly what the future could look like with unions in college sports. According to College Football Talk, a spokesperson from the National Labor Relations Board confirmed that Northwestern football

Clive Walford

Miami Players Want Union, Too

It can almost be assumed that football players nationwide are paying close attention to the union movement initiated by Northwestern players. Being paid for playing is not one of the top priorities of the union movement right now, but

Altee Tenpenny

Alabama RB Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

Alabama running back Altee Tenpenny was pulled over for a broken licence plate light during spring break but he soon learned he was in a bit more trouble. Tenpenny was charged for possession of a controlled substance after police searched his car and found

Combine Photo

NFL Draft: Once Pro Day’s Over, What’s Next?

The Spring may be the offseason for football, but for NFL Draft prospects, the Spring is even more stressful than the actual season. Between the NFL Combine and Pro Days, players are working hard to impress scouts and plan

Johnny Manziel

Drake Features Johnny Manziel in New Song (AUDIO)

And the sports raps continue…Yesterday we heard LeBron James rap and today, rapper Drake released a song about Johnny Manziel. James and Manziel are now working together in a business partnership and LeBron has seemingly taken the football star


Gators Have New Offense, Expect Improvement for Fall

The Florida Gators do not want a repeat of last season and they are doing whatever they can to prevent that. Now, thanks to a new offense, the Gators are expecting to see some pretty impressive improvements come fall


Nick Saban Supports Player Compensation

Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks that players deserve a voice. He says that he supports the movement for players to gain more benefits and he’s been very open about these views. According to’s Michael Casagrande, Saban was involved in