College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff Not Moving Games From New Year’s Eve

The College Football Playoff will not be altering its schedule in 2015. There was some pressure to move the Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl off of Dec. 31 to Jan 2 but that won’t ever happen. “We reviewed it

Stewart mandel

FOX Sports’ Stewart Mandel On The CFB Playoff Problem

Stewart Mandel Talks The Playoff Committee’s Offseason Issues Stewart Mandel covers college football for FOX Sports and he’s with Mike and Jerry to talk about the trouble the College Football Playoff is running into this offseason. What’s the big


CFB Playoff Schedule Already Posing A Problem

ESPN Wants Ratings, CFB Playoff Wants New Years Eve Brent Beaird of Gator Bait and is on The Tuck and O’Neill show today to give his weekly CFB update and talk about the College Football Playoff scheduling conflict.

Brent Beaird

The College Football Season In Review With Brent Beaird

Brent Beaird Is Talking The National Championship And Recruiting News As The Season Comes To An End Brent Beaird is with Mike and Jerry for his weekly college football conversation. Today’s talk comes on the heels of the season


2015 College Football Rankings

The Buckeyes have gone from an underdog, to the favorite. Ohio State tops the way too soon 2015 college football rankings.

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Oregon Ducks Will Win Their First National Title

Oregon football has never finished #1...until now. Expect Marcus Mariota to bring the title to Eugene.

College Football Playoff

Football Insiders: Oregon or Ohio State?

On the latest Football Insiders show, Eric Lopez and UCF Insider Jeff Sharon recapped and debated the latest news and stories from Divisional Playoff Weekend, including: Whether John Harbaugh was right in whining about the Patriots‘ formations If anyone

Bill Landis

Point-Counterpoint: Why Ohio State Will Win the National Championship

Point-Counterpoint: Why the Ohio State Buckeyes Will Win the College Football National Championship

Lou Spry

NCAA to Pay For Athletes’ Families’ Travel

There is an old term, “shamateurism,” that may have been coined to describe college sports in the United States. It is a corruption of sham and amateurism and was used to describe how colleges were making money off of

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Football Insiders: Preseason Predictions Gone Wrong

On the latest Football Insiders show, Eric Lopez and UCF Insider Jeff Sharon recap the first Saturday of NFL Wild Card Weekend and look back at the College Football Playoff semifinals on New Year’s Day. They also went back