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Deion Sanders: Johnny Manziel Is Breath Of Fresh Air

There are many people who aren’t too happy with Cleveland Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel, dubbed “Johnny Football”, and his partying ways but there are some who suggest that the NFL take it in stride and enjoy what Manziel brings


The NFL Supplemental Draft: How Does It Work?

Each year, there is an elaborate underground pipeline for incoming NFL talent that is well hidden inside the tunnels of the football off-season. There is very little media coverage for this event as it is a mere blip on

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is Not on the Johnny Manziel Train

We know that you have an opinion on Johnny Manziel and what he has been up to lately, in fact everyone has an opinion about the young Cleveland quarterback. According to Fox Sports, Charles Barkley is the newest voice

Johnny Manziel

Photos: Johnny Manziel Takes Four Women To Red Sox Game

Surprise, surprise Johnny Manziel is seen in pictures doing what he does yet again. He was in Boston to do some work for the Red Sox Foundation. And apparently when you’re as cool as Johnny Manziel, you can take

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VIDEO: Does Johnny Manziel Party Too Much Too Soon?

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been the center of media attention for quite some time and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Even though its the offseason, other NFL players and even Hall of Fame greats are

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J.J. Watt vs Johnny Football: Cut From The Same Cloth?

J.J. Watt piles up sacks for a living while Johnny Manziel eludes them. Johnny Manziel openly enjoys the nightlife while J.J. Watt openly avoids it. J.J. Watt is an established presence in the NFL while Manziel has yet to

Johnny Manziel

Dan Orlovsky: Being NFL QB is Like Being President of United States

With the recent drama surrounding Johnny Manziel and his partying habits, one quarterback is offering advice to the young NFL QB. Detroit Lions backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky says that Manziel must remember that his job never ends. Per Pro


Browns Won’t Comment On Manziel Photo

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio says the Cleveland Browns are not commenting on a photo of Manziel

Johnny Manziel

Photo: Johnny Manziel Hangs With RGIII

Not only has Johnny Manziel found time to hang with the Biebs, he's found time to hang with RGIII as well

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Made New Friends and Justin Bieber is One of Them

Where do we start? Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber were captured in the same photo. Together. #TrueDetectiveSeason2? — NBC Sports Network (@NBCSN) July 1, 2014 We’re not sure why they were photographed together or what this means but