Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Expects to Start for Browns

Is Johnny Cleveland Too Confident? Just because it’s the offseason, doesn’t mean Johnny Manziel’s name has been hard to find. In fact, it seems like there’s a new story about the QB every other day. According to CBS Sports,

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Says He Won’t Change

The media managed to get through the Cleveland Brown’s muzzle on quarterback Johnny Manziel Friday during the Rookie Symposium. It also gave Manziel a chance to get a crack in at those who are hating on him. “I’m not

Johnny Manziel

NFL Rookie QB’s: Battle for the Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings all drafted quarterbacks in the first round this year, but will the NFL Rookie QB’s even see the field this season? The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings, all drafted

Mike Pettine

Browns’ Mike Pettine: Having Opponent’s Playbook Valuable

NFL News Cleveland Browns’ coach Mike Pettine feels that teams like the New England Patriots have been getting copies of other teams’ playbooks. Although Pettine was largely ignored, he also mentioned that Tom Brady was bragging about how the

Mariotti Show

Brady Quinn Has A Problem With Johnny Manziel

Tuck and O'Neill debates on Johnny Manziel public behavior.

Johnny manziel

Brady Quinn Has Issues With Johnny Manziel

“I think my biggest issue with it is when you are drafted in the first round you are the face of the franchise,” Quinn said.

Johnny Manziel

Browns Sign Johnny Manziel

He's officially on the roster

Vince Young

Vince Young Retires, Ready To Move On

Former No. 3 overall pick Vince Young has told Brent Carney of KXAN that he was retiring, and ready to take a job with the University of Texas.

Johnny Manziel

Manziel To Start Week One?

Johnny Manziel or Johnny “Football” as he is commonly known will more than likely get to start Week One for the Cleveland Browns. Manziel fell hard in the draft but convinced Cleveland to take him in the first round.

Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer Ahead Of Johnny Manziel In Competition

Brian Hoyer is "securely ahead" on the depth chart and will be listed as the Cleveland Browns' starting