Surest Playoff Wager: Chiefs, Bengals Lose

You don’t hedge a bet when placing playoff money on the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals. If you have a brain in your head, you don’t make the wager at all. May as well give your money to

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Bengals Fall Apart

CINCINNATI (AP) — San Diego took advantage of Andy Dalton’s three turnovers in the second half on Sunday, pulling away to a 27-10 victory that extended the Cincinnati Bengals’ streak of playoff misery to 23 years and counting. Philip

Paul Brown Stadium

Heavy Snow In Forecast For Bengals Game

It might not be Green Bay cold, but it’s going to be frigid enough in Cincinnati, with the


Bengals Avoid Blackout

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals have avoided a blackout


Tuck: Bengals Super Bowl Sleeper

Cincinnati has plenty of offense and an elite defense. They have the best shot of any team playing Wild Card weekend to advance to Super Sunday.


Bengals Get Help, But Blackout Still Possible

The Bengals are closer to selling out Sunday’s wild-card game vs. the Chargers, but they aren’t

There could be a rare non sell out Sunday in Green Bay leading to a local black out.

NFL Playoffs: Blackouts in as many as 3 games

As of this morning only the Philadelphia Eagles home game against the New Orleans Saints set for Saturday night is a sell out. As the NFL Playoffs get underway on Saturday the home fans in as many as three


NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoff Preview

NFL Wild Card Weekend is upon us. Which four teams move on?

Paul Brown Stadium

Bengals Faced With Blackout, Short 10,000 Tickets

The Bengals had a good day of ticket sales on Monday, but over 10,000 tickets remain for


Bengals Get Another Shot To Break Their Drought

The Bengals are convinced it will be different this time