Is OchoCinco Using Canada to Get Back to NFL?

When the news broke that former NFL receiver Chad Ochocinco signed a contract to play in the CFL, the immediate question became whether he was using the Canadian league to get back to his NFL glory days. Well, Montreal Alouettes GM Jim


Ochocinco Signs Contract to Play for The CFL

Yes. You read that correctly. Chad Johnson, the former NFL player who named himself Ochocinco, has signed with the Canadian Football League to play for the Montreal Alouettes. The team posted this photo on Twitter. IT’S OFFICIAL: @ochocinco puts


Tuck: An Athlete’s Fall From Grace

Chad Johnson is another example of how suddenly it can all come crumbling down.


Tuck: The Miami Dolphins Should Sign Terrell Owens

Chad Ochocinco signed with the Miami Dolphins. Could TO be next?