Commissioner Bud Selig finds out who his replacement will be on Thursday

“Expect the Unexpected” Selig’s Replacement will be Announced Thursday

(Baltimore, MD) Today, Wednesday August 13, 2014 the 30 Major League Baseball owners are meeting in Baltimore to interview Rob Manfred, Tim Brosnan, and Tom Werner, with one of the three men being named the new commissioner of baseball


Is Banning Tobacco In MLB The Right Or Wrong Choice?

Bud Selig is working towards another maneuver in baseball.

Outgoing MLB Commissioner Bud  Selig thinks that baseball will work in Tampa Bay but only with a new park.

Selig: Baseball can work in Tampa Bay with a new stadium

Bud Selig is 79 years old and this will be his last season as the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Earlier today at his annual pre All Star press gathering with members of the Baseball Writers of America he

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A-Rod Fallout: Baseball Still Filthy Dirty

The old used-car salesman from Milwaukee tried to pull a fast one. Bud Selig and his henchmen, only one day after securing a 162-game suspension from an arbitrator for Alex Rodriguez, arranged for their star witness to appear on


ARod Will Not Return To His Hearing If Selig Doesn’t Go Under Oath

ARod will turn everything down including his future in MLB if he is not pleased by the final decision.

Bud Selig

MLB Issues Statement On Braves’ Decision To Move

Commissioner Bud Selig had a few words to say regarding the Braves moving their stadium.

ARod Drama

A-Rod Has A LOT To Prove If He Wishes To Prevail In Lawsuit

A-Rod should win the case if he can prove four facts, but the odds... not likely.

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Rob Manfred Likely To Be Selig’s Successor

Rob Manfred has been named baseball's Chief Operating Officer and could very well replace Selig.

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MLB Issues Selig Must Fix Before Retiring

Bud Selig's legacy could be improved if he finds solutions to his tenure issues.

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Will Baseball Get Better After Selig’s Departure?

Bud Selig has had some iffy moments during his tenure "defining his legacy."