Tuck: The Melting Pot Conference

The Big East as we knew it is almost dead, but we need to rename what is left of the conference.


Catholic 7 Could Buy ‘Big East’ Name

The breakup of the Big East’s football and basketball schools appears to be on the fast track. The major college football members will meet in Atlanta on Friday to discuss the departure of the seven basketball schools that are


Big East Moving On NBC Sports Network Deal

The Big East is moving past damage control and toward finally finishing some important business. Two people familiar with the deal say the Big East is closing in on a six-year contract with NBC Sports Network for football and


Tuck: Big East Finally Sticks Together

A conference in transition for years reached the breaking point. The crumbling Big East finally decided they'd have no more.


Big East Basketball Schools Decide To Split

he Big East's seven nonfootball-playing members have decided to separate from the league's football-playing members and would like to announce the decision at some point during the next week barring an unexpected change of plans, multiple sources within the


Big East Doomsday Clock Is Ticking

A lower than expected projection of revenue from a new television contract, plus a sense of weariness over the ongoing internal debate between football and basketball interests, have driven the Big East’s 7 Catholic non-football schools to the


Tuck: Overexpansion Continues

Tulane and East Carolina, batter up. The pursuit of money is wrecking the foundation of the sport.


Tulane, ECU to join Big East in 2014

A person familiar with the decision tells The Associated Press that Tulane University is joining the Big East as a full member in 2014 and East Carolina will be joining as a football-only member.


Big East surges with 3 ranked, Undefeated Teams

Excuse Big East commissioner Mike Aresco if he's feeling a bit giddy this week. When the dust settled after weekend play, he still had three undefeated teams ranked in the AP Top 25.


Tuck: Nobody Fights Like The Irish

And Notre Dame gets what it wants, when it wants it, and how it wants it.