Oklahoma State forward Marcus Smart is being held back by his teammates after pushing a fan at Texas Tech.

Marcus Smart pushes fan and faces punishment

It was a wild night in Lubbock, Texas last night where at the end of the game the scoreboard read Texas Tech  65, Oklahoma State 61. The real story of the night was that super star Marcus Smart  lost his


ELOOnline : Women’s College Softball Season Preview

On this edition of ELOOnline, Eric Lopez previews the 2014 Women’s College Softball Season which gets underway this weekend with ESPN.com writer Graham Hays. Why You Should Listen :  Eric Lopez talked to Graham Hays about the upcoming Women’s College Softball

FSU BCS Champions

ELOOnline : Who Is Best College Football Team in BCS Era?

It’s been a month since Florida State defeated Auburn to win the final BCS Championship Game.  Next year the College Football playoff Begins which I broke down last month why it will be better.  Last Month I broke down


Tuck: Quarterbacks And Rule Changes Challenge Big Boy Football

Bob Stoops is taking shots at the SEC again. And again, he has a point.

AAC logo

AAC joins The Men’s Basketball Officiating Consortium

 Commissioner Mike Aresco has announced that the American Athletic Conference has joined The Men’s Basketball Officiating Consortium, L.L.C. for the 2013-14 season.   The consortium also includes the Big 12 Conference, Conference USA, the Ohio Valley Conference and the


Tuck: College Football Doesn’t Care About Players

Stipends. Safety. Education. Don't believe them. It is, and always had been about making money for these guys.

OSU Logo

Oklahoma State Favorite To Win Big 12 Title

The Cowboys got 15 of the 43 first-place votes and 365 points in the poll


USF and UCF in demand by the Super Conference’s

The University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida are now together in the American Athletic Conference. It may not be where either school wants to be right now but they have to make the best of

Texas State v Houston

DB Online: Houston to leave the AAC for Big 12?

On this edition of DB Online David Baumann and Eric Lopez discuss the possibility of Houston leaving the American Athletic Conference for the Big 12.