Alex Rodriguez HR 660

Alex Rodriguez Ties Mays With HR #660

Alex Rodriguez hits his first career pinch hit home run to elevate Yankees over Red Sox and ties Willie Mays for 4th place on the All-Time HR list.


Will Kenya Throw Athletes in Jail for Doping?

There seems to be a growing global movement that the United States has not joined. Countries are not looking at athletes who use banned controlled substances as performance enhancers, as cheaters. The countries may follow Italy’s example and jail

Barry Bonds

On This Date In 2004, Barry Bonds Launches 700th Career HR (Video)

On this date in the 2004 season, Barry Bonds became just the third member in major league baseball history to join the 700 home run.


MLB Podcast: Should PED Users Be Enshrined In Cooperstown?

Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Joe Torre were all recently inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Being that nobody from the 2014 Hall of Fame Class was ever linked

Barry Bonds

Giants Players Love Seeing Bonds Back In Uniform With The Team

Barry Bonds is now one of the Giants coaches and the players couldn't be any happier.


Barry Bonds’ HOF Case

Barry Bonds' HOF case is a case of extremes being very positive and negative.

Barry Bonds 2014

Hope Springs Eternal, But *Bonds Should Not

Almost everyone has his favorite warm-and-fuzzy *Barry Bonds memory, and I have mine, too. My Kodak moment took place at the 2003 All-Star Game in Chicago. Bonds and Cubs pitcher Mark Prior had a dust-up a few days earlier,


An Early Look At The 2015 MLB Hall Of Fame Candidates

What interesting names will be on the ballot for 2015?

Bob Costas has his own thoughts on who should be in the baseball Hall of Fame

Costas: Rose, Bonds and Clemens get his vote

One the reason’s that I like Bob Costas is that he loves baseball but he also understands it is not a pure sport. He takes on all issues and never sugar coats things.  He told  John Feinstein that he

Will Barry Bonds be heading to Cooperstown this year?

Will Barry Bonds Ever Make It Into Cooperstown?

Barry Bonds has the stats to be inducted, but will his attitude and rampant steroid use keep him from getting into Cooperstown?