Obama’s Proposal Won’t End Stadium Subsidies

Stu Sternberg’s quest for a new stadium for his Tampa Bay Rays could get harder if President Barack Obama has his way. In the President’s 2015 budget proposal, there is a provision that would change how stadiums or arenas


Obama Aims To Stop Campus Assaults

Obama spoke Friday as the White House unveiled a new campaign to change the way people think about campus sexual assault.

Barack Obama

Obama Concerned About Concussions in Youth Sports

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is a lover of games played on hard courts, grassy diamonds and in 10-yard increments. His two daughters are active in sports and, like many parents with children on athletic teams, he worries


Obama Creates NCAA Bracket

President Barack Obama put together his top picks for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament title game. He chose Michigan State to beat defending champions Louisville. Obama created his annual “BARACK-etology” segment that aired on ESPN Wednesday. The segment came two days after the

Irina Rodnina

Russian Figure Skater Apologizes for Obama Tweet

Irina Rodnina is a 10-time figure skating world champion and a triple Olympic gold medallist. Last September, she was in the headlines for a doctored image that appeared on her personal Twitter account. It showed Barack and Michelle Obama staring

Ernie Banks

Ernie Bank Awarded Earns Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Ernie Banks was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama today.


Tuck and O’Neill: What Is The Future Of The NFL?

Tuck and O’Neill discuss Barack Obama’s comments about the violence of football, and what The Jetsons can teach us about the future of the NFL.


Heat Visit White House, LeBron Calls Obama “Coach”

Monday was the annual NBA champions visit to the White House, with the standard speeches about coming together as a team and how that can inspire a nation — you know, the kind of things politicians from all political


Basketball Great Bill Walton Has A Book Deal

Basketball great Bill Walton is ready to recap his amazing career and even more amazing recovery.