Tuck: Top Ten Teams of 2013

FSU went 14-0 in 2013. Is that enough to make them the best team of the year?


After 15 Seasons, Ravens’ Stokley Calls It A Career

Veteran Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Brandon Stokley plans to retire after this season


Joe Flacco Says His Knee Feels Fine

"Yeah, it feels fine. It feels strong.”


Adrian Peterson Blasts Ravens Fans

"They've got the worst fans in the NFL," Peterson said following the Minnesota Vikings' heartbreaking


Ah, the Bromance of Winning in a Blizzard

There is something about a snow game that separates men from wimps, transforming professional football players into frolicking kids as if funneled through a nostalgic time warp. The teams that embrace these storms as litmus tests, and view whiteout

Matt Cassel

Matt Cassel To Start This Week For Vikings

Matt Cassel told the press that he will start this weekend against Baltimore.


Belichick Says Tomlin Incident Could Happen To Anyone

Tomlin said it was something he does “quite often like everyone else in the National Football League.


Ravens’ Tucker Has Made 27 Straight Field Goals

No one’s more trustworthy than Ravens kicker Justin Tucker at the moment


GIF: Steelers’ Leveon Bell’s Goal Line Hit

The Steelers needed a touchdown (and a two-point conversion) to tie the game, and Bell actually got


Joe Flacco Says Mike Tomlin Ruined Run On Purpose

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco accused Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin of intentionally interfering