Ray Rice

Longer Version of Ray Rice Video Shows Spitting, Cussing

Ray Rice and Janay Palmer can be heard shouting obscenities at each other, and she appears to spit in the face of the three-time Pro Bowl

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Expresses Disappointment in NFL for Ray Rice Issue

Even celebrities are speaking out in outrage of the NFL’s handling of Ray Rice’s altercation with his current wife. If you haven’t already seen the video posted by TMZ, Rice slams his wife’s head against the elevator door and

Ray Rice

Ravens Release Ray Rice

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Ravens running back Ray Rice has been terminated from the team following video evidence of him abusing his wife.

Ray Rice

NFL Didn’t Need To See Video to Properly Punish Rice

So, the Ray Rice elevator footage finally surfaces and the NFL claims that they never saw the video of Rice knocking out his fiance, until the day the world saw it. NFL says in a statement that they didn’t

Ray Rice

Elevator Video Shows Ray Rice Punching Wife

People who defend Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice would say that we haven't seen what exactly occurred

Ravens_Ray Lewis_2014

Photos: Ravens Unveil Ray Lewis Statue

The Ravens now have a statue of their greatest player outside their stadium

Ravens_Ray Lewis_2014

Former Hurricanes Legend Honored With Statue

  Ray Lewis is the modern gold standard for linebackers. His place amongst the elite in college football is etched in bronze as the Baltimore Ravens unveiled a honorary statue in front of their home stadium. Ray Lewis enrolled in

Green Bay

Green Bay has the best fans in the NFL

Well according to a report published in Forbes Magazine on August 20th the Green Bay Packers ranked at the top of their list of the “NFL’s Best Fans.” Forbes list ranked only the top ten teams in the NFL


Goodell Defends Rice Punishment

Ray Rice has caused a lot of issues for not only himself, but many others including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell is under scrutiny for only giving Ray Rice a two-game ban. Many, including female fans of the NFL,

Ray Rice

Ravens’ PR Director, Owner Defend Rice

Baltimore Ravens’  RB Ray Rice has come under even more scrutiny after his two game suspension over a domestic dispute which saw Rice carry his unconscious wife from an elevator. Rice wasn’t charged in the dispute but the NFL