Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod’s Lawyers Delay Release Of Evidence

A-Rod's lawyers are delaying the release of the evidence


Alex Rodriguez: “We Crushed It; They Had Nothing”

"We crushed it,'' Rodriguez said. "They had nothing.''


Alex Rodriguez Blasts MLB Commissioner Bud Selig

After storming out of his hearing with Major League Baseball yesterday New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez took to the airwaves and blasted Major League commissioner Bud Selig on the Mike Francesa show.


Jason Collette On Prince Fielder Trade

Earlier this morning on SportstalkFlorida Mornings, Eric Lopez talked to Jason Collette of TheProcessReport and to discuss the mega trade that happened in baseball last night. Why you should listen : Collette is a writer for TheProcessReport and Rotowire. He’s also a


ARod Will Not Return To His Hearing If Selig Doesn’t Go Under Oath

ARod will turn everything down including his future in MLB if he is not pleased by the final decision.


A-Rod Failed 2006 Stimulant Test

A-Rod allegedly failed stimulant test in '06... what's next for him?


Lawyer Reports A-Rod Paid To Obtain Evidence

A-Rod's lawyer reports that the Yankee player paid $300,000 to obtain evidence in Biogenesis scandal.


A-Rod’s Lawyers Want Hearing Open To Public

With tensions between Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball continuing to rise as they battle over A-Rod’s


A-Rod’s Lawyer Almost In Brawl In Court

The lawyers for Alex Rodriguez and former Biogenesis chief Anthony Bosch nearly fought during the embattled slugger's appeal hearing two weeks ago.

ARod Drama

“Inappropriate Sexual Relationship” Adds To A-Rod Drama

MLB investigator Dan Mullin has been accused as a part of A-Rod's lawsuit.