Alex Rodriguez: Apology Feels Almost Heartfelt & Believable

MLB: ALEX RODRIGUEZ ISSUES AN APOLOGY It’s about time, Alex Rodriguez. This is all we ever wanted from you. Instead, we laughed as we watched you stall by trying to find anyone to sue that labeled you as a

Alex Rodriguez

Baseball and Integrity Issues

Alex Rodriguez is returning from Elba, or whatever the baseball equivalent of being exiled is for the player known as A-Rod. Don’t expect Rodriguez to be greeted with open arms, from the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s office to the

N.Y. Yankees Alex Rodriguez could find out how long he will be suspended any day now.

A-Rod Will Apologize for Biogenesis Scandal During Spring Training

When Alex Rodriguez shows up for spring training in Tampa with the New York Yankees, he’s expected to make an appearance in a big way. According to CBS Sports, the third baseman is supposed to publicly apologize for his

Alex Rodriguez

Yankees Reject Alex Rodriguez’s Apology For Steroid Use

Alex Rodriguez tried to apologize to the New York Yankees for his steroid use and inclusion in the Biogenesis scandal, but the team didn't respond.

Giancarlo Stanton

Mega Deal: Is Giancarlo Stanton The Next A-Rod?

The Miami Marlins have officially signed outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to the richest contract in North American sports history. The 25-year old slugger has put his John Hancock on a 13-year, $325 million deal. This enormous deal even surpasses the


Rumor: MLB Could Pursue Drug Selling Charges On Alex Rodriguez

The Alex Rodriguez saga seemed to be coming to an end, but now Major League Baseball is contemplating pursuing drug selling charges on the 20-year veteran.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Admits What We Already Knew

Rodriguez Says He Did Inject PEDs Into Body Alex Rodriguez has finally come clean about his used of performance enhancing drugs. According to Jay Weaver of the Miami Herald, Rodriguez admitted to the DEA that he has been lying.

Alex Rodriguez

Yankees To Try A-Rod Out At First

After being suspended the entire 2014 season due to his involvement in the infamous Biogenesis scandal Alex Rodriguez will be making his return in 2015.  After missing the entire 2014 season and only playing in 44 games in 2013,


Former MLB Drug Distributor Fails Drug Test of His Own

Monday in Miami, former owner of the clinic at the center of the MLB’s recent performance-enhancing drug scandal had his bail revoked because of recent positive tests for the use of cocaine. Anthony Bosch, 51, is said to have a


Clinic Owner Charged With Distributing Steroids

Federal authorities are charging the owner of a defunct Florida clinic accused of providing steroids and other banned substances to Major League Baseball