Redskins WR Pierre Garcon celebrates reaching the playoffs with his high school soccer team

FIFA World Cup Frenzy: NFL Stars Who Played Soccer

For a number of NFL players, watching the World Cup is like revisiting a first love, and in many cases, their football skills came from playing futbol first

Clint Dempsey

Will Soccer Become A Popular Sport In The USA?

The World Cup brings excitement to the United States. Will it catch on?


Tuck: USA Soccer Arrives With Loss

A tie that feels like a loss that feels like heartbreak. It showed that our nation is together in this.

Clint Dempsey

USA Gets 2-2 Draw vs Portugal But Wins at Photoshop

Sunday’s primetime FIFA World Cup showdown featuring the U.S. and Portugal may have ended in a 2-2 draw — Cristiano Ronaldo set up a goal by Silvestre Varela, tying it up in the final 30 seconds to shatter all of America’s hearts

U.S. Soccer

The U.S. Soccer Locker Room is Ready for Ghana Game (VINE)

The U.S. Soccer team wants to make sure that all fans know that the locker room is all set and ready for the big game against Ghana Monday night. They posted a Vine video to show all of the


World Cup 2014: Ratings high with Orlando in the top ten

No question that “World Cup fever,” has taken over the U.S. and central Florida is right there in the mix with the Orlando market making the top ten markets watching ESPN’s coverage of the opening day! ESPN’s Brazil vs.