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Super Bowl XLVIII: Richard Sherman on Muhammad Ali


(on what the last week has done for Richard Sherman as a brand) I see the fun in the Super Bowl. I see everybodys attention and how much the NFL has grown as a franchise, as a world brand, and I see that the Super Bowl is a huge event for the world. There are a lot of cameras, a lot of different languages, a lot of countries, a lot of diversity I love it.


(on how his communications degree helps him) I definitely think having a communications degree helps you in a sense. It helps you understand the media side of things and what messages do, how widespread the messages are received, the marketing side of it. Just being an intelligent individual and learning from those professors at Stanford, you have a perspective that is unique.

(on how his ability to communicate helps him on the field) It is an asset, but we have five, six guys out there who have a high football IQ. I think Earl Thomas might have one of the highest football IQs Ive ever heard of, and he studies the game to a T. He studies it day, night, night and day. In the morning, at night hes probably studying it right now. Youve got Kam Chancellor, who does the same thing, he studies the game to a T. So when you see Kam Chancellor going downhill to make those huge hits and those huge plays, and Earl going to make those, its because they know the play is coming. Theyre not guessing out there. Its a real testament to us as a group.

(on the attention he has received this week) I really think these cameras should go to my teammates, especially after Bobby Wagners 15-tackle game in the NFC Championship, Kam Chancellors interception and multiple pass deflections and his 11 tackles, or Earls 11 tackles. I think these cameras can be around anyone. I think that what happened after the game, the situation that occurred, forced them to be around me and forced everybodys attention, but I think I have the best teammates in the world. Doug Baldwin had a heck of a game, and hes a heck of a receiver, and has the stats to prove it. I think that these cameras could be anywhere. They could be on all my teammates, and they deserve it.

(on Peyton Manning) Peyton Mannings numbers speak for themselves. I think hes one of the best in the history of the game, and I think hes broken multiple records to prove that. Hes a living legend right now. Hes been a living legend for years.

(on the biggest challenge when facing Manning) Being patient. Being patient and understanding that hes going to get his yards and hes going to make his plays. Hes one of the best in the history. If you pull your hair out over every pass he completes and over every yard that he makes, then youd have a long day ahead of you. Because hes a great, elite quarterback and hes going to make his yards, hes going to make his plays and anytime that you get mad about things like that, you get angry, or you feel some type of way, then it will be hard for you to consistently play well. So our defense has a whole has to be patient and be able to overcome the adversity, and weve done so all season.

(on the one thing that he regrets about his postgame interview following the NFC Championship Game) Last week I felt like I regretted just attacking a man attacking it and taking away from my teammates. You never want to talk down on a man to build yourself up and things like that. So I regretted that, and I regretted taking that attention away from my teammates. Thats the one thing that I wish I could do again.

(on if he understands that many people want to see him fail on Sunday) Oh I fully understand that. Ive fully understood that my entire life. Its been like that, people wanting to see you fail, but you stay focused on the task at hand and you pay the price.

(on why it is important for him to be a role model) Because I think kids need a positive role model, and they need to understand that there are more options to the world than what they just see in their neighborhood. Especially the kids in the inner-city. They need to understand that theres another opportunity, theres another path that you can take, and I think if those kids take those paths and use those opportunities, theyll benefit and our future will be very bright.

(on what he would be doing if he was not a professional football player) If I wasnt a football player, Id be coaching, or Id be scouting, or Id be somewhere in the game, man. Youve got too much knowledge and too much understanding of this game. This is what youve done your whole life, so you cant just walk away.

(on what people should expect on Sunday) A great show.

(on who the top five quarterbacks are in the NFL right now) Im not going to label them right now. Id have to have more time to think about that.

(on how players should prepare themselves for life after football) You manage your money well. Anytime you get a substantial lump sum of money at any given time in your life, you want to make sure you manage it well and manage it for the duration of what could be 50 or 60 years. You never want to spend it all, you dont want to necessarily be frivolous either. You can live a good life without spending tons of money every day or every week.

(on how much the Seattle secondary will have to vary and disguise their coverage to counter Manning) We dont vary or disguise coverage over anybody. We play a pretty simple defense. For the most part you know what were going to do every play and youve got to line up and play it. I think thats how weve been all season and its the last game of the season, theres no time to change it now.

(on how it feels to be compared to Muhammad Ali) Its very humbling. Its very humbling to be compared to Muhammad Ali because of all the serious ridicule that he went through, the serious racial degradation and stigmas that he had to fight the stereotypes he had to fight against. He had to really stand his ground and almost go to jail because he wanted to stand up for what he believed in. I think his situation was a lot more brave and a lot more serious than my situation is now, and he had to deal with a lot more scrutiny and just headaches and criticism. But its a blessing because hes one of my biggest idols and a person who I really look up to.

(on his time in New Jersey) New Jersey has been great, man. Its been a nice city, it hasnt snowed as much as they said. Thank you New Jersey for being awesome. You guys are amazing.

(on what it means to be a member of Seattles Legion of Boom) The Legion of Boom is a legacy. Its a legacy, its a group, its a legion, its a vast army of individuals and we have countless bodies behind us that are more than capable of doing the job. Its Kam Chancellor, the enforcer, the punisher, the guy who sets the tone for the defense; its Earl Thomas, the fastest guy on the field, the most knowledgeable, who understands everything; its Byron Maxwell, making big play, after big play, after big play; its Walter Thurmond, doing a heck of a job playing disciplined, sound football. I think its our identity and it sets a high standard, and its a standard that I think everybody is more than capable of living up to and has.

(on how well the Legion of Boom will have to perform on Sunday against Manning) The Legion of Boom is going to have to be on its A-game against Peyton. Hes a legend. If youre not on your A-Game, were going to have a long day.

(on if he would prefer to play the Super Bowl in New Jersey or a warm climate) Well I think Im happiest playing in New Jersey. Its a big stage, its one of the meccas in the world and I think that everybodys going to get a chance to see it. Its obviously one of the biggest cities in the world, one of the most known, and I think everybodys going to you know, the NFL seems to be happy about it, so were happy about it.

(on how he would fare playing wide receiver, one of his former positions, against the Broncos secondary) How would Richard Sherman the receiver (play)? I dont know, man. I havent seen Richard Sherman at receiver in about eight years. He used to be pretty good, but I could have used to been a used to. I dont know how hed be now.


Source: NFL Media


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