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Stan Van Gundy Will Not Coach Next Season

Former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy announced Tuesday morning on The David Baumann Show that he will not coach next season and stated that it was a family decision, yet left a slight window opened to a potential return.

Stan Van Gundy, "As you get down the road more and the longer you are out, the harder it is to get back in and that was certainly a difficult part of the decision process for me because it's certainly something that I miss and don't want to close the door on for the rest of my life, but, it is not right now anyway, in the best interest of my family, so it won't be next year."



Here are some of the Van Gundy quotes that stood out:

"I sort of laugh a little bit on jobs I supposedly interviewed for. I don't know who those sources are. I certainly have had inquiries from people, but no job offers and I have not interviewed anywhere."

"I have had people call which has been flattering, but I have not advanced it..."

"I guess it's still possible that I change my mind, but I doubt it because I've basically said no to everybody who has called so far, so I think for now we are going to sit it out. It's basically where my kids are in school and everything else... It's just not a good time."

"My kids' first question was -- are we going to have to move? -- that was the first question assuming that I would be looking for another job and I assured them at that time that, not that they would have veto power or anything else, but it would be a family decision... It wouldn't be just me making the decision... There are five other people in my family and you have to take into account what's best for everyone at that moment andso that's what we've done and we don't feel right now is the best time for us to get back into it."

"It is an incredible blessing and I am very, very lucky to have the option to not do a whole lot, work a few hours a week, doing some radio stuff and really be around all the time. It's been a great, great year."

"NBC Sports Radio has been great. I've really enjoyed that part of it, but I'll admit, in terms of the way I think of myself professionally, I still think of myself as a coach, not as a broadcaster. I miss the coaching. It pulls at me... I think it's going to be there always and we'll have to wait to see what the future holds, and that's why I'm quick to not characterize anything as permanent as we sit here on May the 21st, I'm not planning on coaching next year. I'm not even saying no to that for sure, though I'm pretty sure that won't happen based on the fact I've been saying no to everybody. But, you just don't know, Things change from day-to-day and year-to-year and so we'll just have to see what happens, but for now I'm enjoying it. I enjoy talking about the NBA. It keeps me watching the game and analyzing what's been going on and it's been fun."

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