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Stan Van Gundy on Latest Dwight Howard Saga

Stan Van Gundy appeared on The David Baumann Show Tuesday morning and discussed the latest ESPN [1]report about Dwight Howard voicing his displeasure with Mike D’Antoni. [2]

Van Gundy:

“When Dwight has a private meeting with Mitch Kupchak, I don’t know who the source would be… other than Mitch Kupchak. My guess is Mitch is not the source and Dwight is not the source.”

“I know through my own history and even some things written about what I was supposedly doing this Spring, that David, quite honestly, I think a lot of times these writers just sit down, make up a story, claim there’s a source and put it out there. I hate to say that, but there’s no other explanation.”

“I wouldn’t even comment on this with Dwight because I don’t think it’s fair to him or to Mitch Kupchak to comment on it because we have no indication that was even said.”

“I’ve been in touch with Dwight a little bit throughout the season and that wasn’t anything that Dwight ever indicated to me.”

“I do think that Dwight was not real happy with his offensive role and he looks around and says, probably with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, you know, I’m going to have to at best share billing. I’m not going to be the featured guy. I don’t know, maybe he wants to go somewhere else, I don’t know about that, but I don’t think he’s going to make a decision on the fact that Steve Clifford (if Clifford gets a head coaching job) or Chuck Person aren’t there.”

Listen to Interview Here :

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1080/davidbaumann/DB_5-21-13_VanGundy.mp3 [3]

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