Stan Van Gundy on David Baumann Show

By David Baumann
Host, The David Baumann Show

Former Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy was on David Baumann Show to discuss if the Lakers will Trade Dwight Howard. Van Gundy also talked about if the Magic will trade JJ Redick and more.

Here what Stan Van Gundy said about Dwight Howard Future in LA :

“That’s going to be an interesting thing. I think they will keep him for the rest of the year. I think they still think they’ve got a lot to offer and can re-sign him. So, I think he’ll be there for the rest of the year, but I think it’s ’50-50′ or maybe even worse odds for the Lakers that they can retain him at the end of the year and if they realize that, you could see them make a move at the trading deadline.”

For the entire interview listen below.

David Baumann Show 1-25-13-Press Play

Stan Van Gundy :


Also former Oakland Raider NFL player  Roland Williams was on Show to talk about Tim Brown comments on Bill Callahan ” Sabataging”  Super Bowl between Raiders and Bucs:

Brian Serra from MagicBasketballOnline talked about What is next for the Orlando Magic and NBA Trade Deadline less then a Month away what to expect?


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