MLB Spring Training Power Rankings

The Kansas City Royals can’t win a World Series in February but the New York Yankees can lose one with a major injury to Curtis Granderson. Does anyone know if the home run that Miguel Cabrera hit on Monday has landed yet?

Now that the free agency dust has settled and Zach Greinke admitted it’s “all about the Benjamins,” lets look at how the 2013 MLB teams stack up against one another.

143Washington Nationals12
275Cinncinnati Reds14
31310Tampa Bay Rays41
43-1San Francisco Giants11
51-4Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim04
6115Atlanta Braves23
72-5Los Angeles Dodgers11
8102Toronto Blue Jays23
95-4Detroit Tigers22
10144St. Louis Cardinals22
119-2Texas Rangers04
128-4Oakland Athletics13
136-7New York Yankees13
1412-2Baltimore Orioles30
15150Kansas City Royals40
16182Arizona Diamondbacks22
17247Boston Red Sox23
1816-2Chicago White Sox20
19190Philadelphia Phillies12
20211San Diego Padres32
21265Cleveland Indians51
2217-5Milwaukee Brewers14
2320-3Pittsburgh Pirates21
2422-2Seattle Mariners41
25294Chicago Cubs31
2623-3New York Mets12
27270Colorado Rockies22
28280Minnesota Twins22
2925-4Miami Marlins21
30300Houston Astros22

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