Final Four

What Can Tampa Expect From Another Final Four Hosting?

VP Of Women’s Championships Anucha Browne On Final Four Plans Anucha Brown of the NCAA is the VP of Women’s Championships and she is on The Front office to talk to Tom Veit about the NCAA’s plans for the


Sesame Street Parody Involving Patriots

PBS reran an old episode of Sesame Street where the “Word on the Street” was “inflate.”The GM dug up the Sesame Street archives and found a lost tape


Top 5 Super Bowl Upsets of All-Time

Underdogs can shine on NFL’s brightest stage According to, this year’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is a pick ‘em game. In other words, both teams have an equal chance to win. Not

Media ready to have a real scandal dominate the Super Bowl coverage

“Deflate Gate” Will Dominate Super Bowl Coverage

The New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX in a week from Sunday in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, AZ. But as the world’s media heads to “The Valley of the Sun,” the focus

Jimmy Herget  is the Bulls Ace

USF Baseball : What to Expect in 2015

Mark Kingston Previews 2015 USF Season On this edition of ELO Online, Eric Lopez previews the 2015 South Florida Bulls season with Head Coach Mark Kingston. Kingston, who is entering his first season as Head Coach of the Bulls

Senior Bowl North Practice

Tampa Bay Times’ Greg Auman Surveys The Senior Bowl

Greg Auman On Senior Bowl Roster Moves And Winston/Mariota Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times is with Tom Veit to talk about the Senior Bowl, the NFL Draft and the Bucs teetering between Winston and Mariota. The Bucs

lombardi trophy

Top 5 Catches in Super Bowl History

Historic Snags in Super Bowl History Since 1906, the forward pass has been an essential part of football. Some of the most exciting plays in Super Bowl history have been the result of deep passes down the field. In

Davin Joseph Buccaneers

Looking at the Possible Bucs Offensive Line for 2015: Guards

NFL NEWS: Tampa Bay Bucs One of the biggest deficiencies the Bucs have are at offensive line and here are a few guards who may help the team for 2015. I previously analyzed the offensive line and their struggles,

Brad Johnson

Roy Cummings Of TBO On Brad Johnson And Scuff-gate

Roy Cummings Talks About Brad Johnson’s $7500 ‘Tip” To The Super Bowl 37 Ball Boys Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is with Tom Veit talking about his conversation today with Brad Johnson and the former Bucs Super Bowl


2015 NFL Draft: Mark Eckel On The Bucs/Eagles Trade Storyline

Mark Eckel Of Gives Mariota Vs. Winston Insight From The Eagles Perspective Mark Eckel of has been covering the Eagles since 1985 and he’s with Tom Veit to talk about the situational circumstances surrounding the Bucs #1