Soccer Player to Leave Team Because of Lackluster Birthday Wish

Manchester City’s Yaya Toure says his feelings are hurt. According to him, the team didn’t wish him a happy birthday.

So, what’s this…?

According to The Telegraph, Toure is considering leaving the club because he thinks their efforts to celebrate his birthday “were not up to scratch.”

I guess he’s more of a birthday hat, pinata hitting, hit-the-tail-on-the-donkey, kind of guy.

The club wrote a tweet, as seen above, and they also released a video showing club employees giving Toure a cake. But that just wasn’t enough to please the 31-year-old. Toure’s agent says the player feels disrespected that no one personally shook his hand.

He’s so upset that Yaya’s agent says he is thinking of leaving the team, saying that there are a number of things that have left Yaya feeling upset.

His agent says, for now, he will concentrate on the World Cup. But his feelings are still hurt.

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