Rowdies, Part Of The St. Petersburg Community

Rowdies Take Part in Successful Enjoy Arts & Tastes Event in St. Pete

TAMPA, Fla (November 19, 2013) — For the first time Enjoy Arts & Taste came to the city of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Rowdies were featured in various events throughout this past weekend. The Tampa Bay area flocked to downtown St. Pete for Saturday’s Grand Tasting at The Mahaffey Theater and several other events featuring celebrity chefs from around the country. Saturday evening culminated with the Sip, Savor & Swing event at the historic Vinoy Renaissance Resort located on the St. Petersburg waterfront.

As the Grand Tasting unfolded on Saturday steps away from Al Lang Stadium, the Rowdies and celebrity chefs featured at E.A.T. St. Pete were part of a one-of-a-kind Chef Jacket/Jersey Swap, including Rowdies players Jay Needham, Georgi Hristov and Takuya Yamada and celebrity chefs Scott Conant, Ming Tsai and Bill Gideon.

As done during soccer matches, the players showed their appreciation and respect to the chefs and vice versa by exchanging customized Tampa Bay Rowdies jerseys and Enjoy Arts & Tastes chef jackets. Attendees of the festival took part in the action, taking pictures and hearing a few words from Needham and Tsai.

“The weekend was a showcase for the amazing growth of St. Pete, its culture and lifestyle,” said Rowdies CEO Andrew Nestor. “St. Pete is a center for arts and entertainment with committed leaders such as HSN and The Edwards Group who promoted this event, and the Rowdies are proud to be a part of that.”
After a fantastic day of great food, E.A.T. St. Pete finalized the evening with the Sip, Savor & Swing event at The Vinoy Hosted by television personalities Jerry Penacoli & Cyndi Edwards. Rowdies defender Andres Arango and goalkeeper Diego Restrepo shared their favorite Latin dishes with Chef Ingrid Hoffman, who commented on how successful E.A.T. St. Pete was.

“I was very excited to have been invited by HSN to participate in the first ever EAT St. Pete Festival. It was the perfect place to unite the arts and food, with access to great museums and the best of gulf seafood. I think it has great potential to become a well known festival to foodies around the country and really make St. Pete and the Tampa Bay area a culinary destination. It was exceptionally executed and I hope to come back next year.”
The Rowdies proudly sponsored E.A.T. St. Pete, supporting a memorable event that showcased the unique culture of St. Petersburg.

“It’s great to come out and support these events that are right next door to our home stadium,” said Restrepo. “It was a unique experience as we met several world-renowned chefs like Curtis Stone and Ingrid Hoffman. We enjoyed showing off our favorite Latin dishes, while also trying different foods from local chefs.”