Paraplegic to Kick First Ball for World Cup

Revolutionary science is alive and well in Brazil, amidst all the negative talk of lack of preparation by the city. During Thursday night’s World Cup opening ceremony, a young Brazilian will get up from his or her wheelchair and kick the first ball.

World Cup Paraplegic Suit
                 NBC News

According to NBC News, there is a laboratory that has developed technology that acts a robot to help paraplegics use their legs that were once unable to walk.

The doctor behind the science showed off a prototype of the machine and it looks like metal armor and it has a cap with electrodes inside. The cap reads brain signals that go to the computer in the suit, that then tell the suit to move.

Whoever wears the suit will feel vibrations of his footsteps and give him a sense of walking on grass. The identity of this special person will not be revealed until the ceremony.

This is an extraordinary feeling that this doctor has been able to give to someone who thought they never walk again. The doctor said that it really is amazing to watch and he’s shed tears watching his patients and their transformations.

Thursday night, be sure to watch the opening ceremony to witness the most incredible kick of the entire tournament.

For more on this amazing story, visit: Bill Neely, NBC News